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Wabash Valley Farms Extra Large Caramel-Mushroom Popcorn

Product Description

If you like to grab a handful of over-sized popcorn when you reach into your favorite bowl, then this is the popcorn for you. Its claim to fame is its "mushroom" shape. from the name, you can probably guess that its unique feature is a rounded shape similar to the top of a mushroom. Mushroom style popcorn has a larger surface area that is perfectly suited to those special recipes, like caramel, chocolate, or cheese coated popcorn. You will find that because it does not have "wings" like traditional popcorn there will be less pieces broken off while coating. Our mushroom popcorn is a unique blend of mushroom and yellow kernels. When popping, you will experience 70% mushroom kernels and 30% traditional yellow kernels.

A 2 lb. bag - makes approximately 8 batches of popcorn in the Whirley Pop.

SKU - 42508


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