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Wasbash Valley Farms Organic Coconut Popping Oil

Product Description

 Introducing our healthiest oil yet! Start popping today with NEW Organic Coconut Oil - it will transform your popcorn and cooking!

Our organic coconut oil is the perfect choice for a healthy popcorn snack. It also makes a great addition when cooking or baking, or for healthy skin and beauty routines.
100% Organic Coconut Oil
Gluten Free
Cholesterol Free
Preservative Free

16 oz. jar.

Certified kosher pareve

Coconut Popping Oil will vary between a solid and liquid state, based on the temperature. The oil is safe to consume regardless of what state it is in. Coconut Popping Oil will only remain a liquid if stored above 80 degrees. Please be aware depending on the time of year, your oil can arrive in either a liquid or solid state.

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