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India Tree Saffron Threads

Product Description

India Tree Saffron Threads.  I Gram

Saffron threads, the stigmas of an autumn crocus, add both fragrance and a characteristic golden color to paella, curries, rice, seafood dishes, desserts, and breads. They impart a subtle, earthy flavor heavenly to the taste, but almost impossible to describe.

Saffron was introduced into Spain by the Arabs in the 11th C. The best saffron still grows there today. For even coloring, soak a few threads of saffron in a little hot water or warm milk, and then add both saffron and liquid to your dish.

Use INDIA TREE Saffron to flavor: Valencia, Arborio and Basmati rices; paella and risotto; poached pears; coconut saffron ice cream, and bouillabaisse.

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